Alex Ellis – Simply the Best

Alex Ellis – Simply the Best

I’ve been a bodybuilding judge for nearly 15 years now and I promoted one of the very first natural figure competitions in the United States more than a decade ago. I have seen some of the best figure competitors compete on the biggest stages during that time, I consider myself qualified to comment on where some of these amazing athletes rank in the annals of natural figure competition. That being said, current two-time DFAC World Figure Champion Alex Ellis ranks among the best.

The inaugural DFAC Pro World Finals in 2012 was my first opportunity to watch Alex compete. Two things immediately stood out to me about the St. Louis native – her amazing structure and unparalleled stage presence. Genetically blessed with full muscle bellies that flow aesthetically from her shoulders to her ankles, Alex has made the most of her gifts with hard training and proper nutrition.

“I believe nothing happens overnight. Developing muscle takes time and patience,” she says. “I believe there are several different techniques that work. Not every kind of training works for everyone, but I know what works well for me. I have the ability to put muscle on fast because I eat clean in my off season and utilize the extra food as fuel. I also switch up my workouts every two weeks. Not a single one of my workouts is the same. I may do the same movement, but I change up the tempo and weight. It’s about quality, not quantity for me.”

“I eat 6-8 meals a day,” she continues. “Each meal consists of a lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. My macronutrient intake changes based on my goals and how my body is responding. Some staple items in my diet are chicken, grass fed beef, bison, fish, eggs, potatoes, all veggies, rice cakes, squash, peanut butter, almonds, and coconut oil. I love having refeeds with sushi, oatmeal raisin cookies, and fruit.”

As the owner of The Complete Package, Alex coaches a team of natural athletes that look up to her as not just a mentor, but as a close friend. Indeed, she is passionate about her team and can be seen yelling words of encouragement from the front row of a competition that features one of her team members. “I live and breathe natural bodybuilding,” she explains. “I am a competition prep coach, so I am around competitors all the time. I am lucky to have an amazing boyfriend who competes as a natural competitor, as well. It’s a lifestyle for me and I would have it any other way.First contact with Natural Bodybuilding: My journey started in 2008 when I made a decision to change my life I lost 50 lbs and wanted to continue improving myself. I started training with a local trainer who had some connections to promoters in the natural bodybuilding world. One year later, I did my first natural bodybuilding competition and I loved it, so I kept going with it.”

As I alluded to earlier, Alex’s stage presence is in a class by itself. With all due respect to the awesome athletes I have had the privilege of watching over the years, none are better than Alex Ellis is in Round Three. Alex doesn’t walk; she glides. The best actresses convince you they are not acting. They sell their performances and get you to invest in them emotionally. In a similar vein, Alex sells you on her presentation by inviting you in to her world. You feel her joy and believe in her passion as she moves effortlessly from one side of the stage to the other. Her smile is a mixture of friendly and sultry, as her stunning looks complement a world class physique. It’s captivating.
A repeat victory at the 2013 DFAC World Finals, along with a few more Pro titles in between has earned Alex Ellis a spot in the discussion of the sports elite. And, at 27 years-old, she still has many years left to add to her legacy. And, if you happen to be sitting in the audience, she will take you along with her on her journey.

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